Monday, 30 April 2012

Tape Recorded Delivery #2 swap and #3 theme

It's the end of the month, who has a mix ready?! If everyone with a mix leaves a comment with what format they can make, and what they'd like to receive, I'll put names into a hat and sort out a swap.

PLUS - what should our theme for May be? Suggestions so far include people and places and DANCING. Any preferences or other suggestions? Comment-me-do!


  1. People and Places might be a good one. Or what about Time?

    I've really struggled with this month's theme - can't seem to get any continuity in songs but I'll keep going!

    1. It is a tough one, actually - I've bought some 60 minute tapes specially so that it looks as though I've filled a whole tape!

      I'll give it a good week or so for people to finish tapes and get their name down :).

  2. I'm ready, can make CDs and receive CDs, ty.

    I like People and Places!

  3. I guess I'm ready. I can make CDs and receive CDs or tapes.

  4. hello all, I'm nearly ready! Can make and receive tapes or cds.

  5. TRD #2 swap!:

    Anna > Rosie
    Daisy > Anna
    Emily > Daisy
    Faith > Michael
    Hazel > Rebecca
    Ian > Lucy
    Lucy > Hazel
    Michael > Owen
    Owen > Emily
    Rachael > Faith
    Rebecca > Ian
    Rosie > Rachael

    I've left myself out as we have an odd number of people (nightmare!), so if someone else is doing a tape, that'd be great, or maybe someone would be happy to do an extra swap?

    Quite a few people seem to like 'People & Places', so get started on that for TRD #3!

    1. I will send you a copy of mine if you'd like, CD though?

    2. That'd be great! I'll send you my effore in return, if you like?